Introduction to BIPRS

Institute  is  a purpose built state of art building located in peaceful area having green fields all around, the Institute is loaded with all modern equipment and training facilities fulfilling all the requirements which are necessary to educate and train the upcoming generation of medical professionals. The building of Institute spreads over 2 acres of land and is purposely built for Medical Education to provide facilities in various fields of physiotherapy both basic and clinical guidance in one campus. BIPRS believes in instructional strategy, learning best achieved by self-study, directed toward understanding of information derived from lectures, small group tutorials, discussions, practical work in the laboratories, fieldwork in community and the library. Students are required to apply their knowledge to solve the problems.

Institute of physiotherapy is fully developed teaching Institute, having well qualified and highly skilled teaching staff. The Institute provides best training/teaching facilities like physiotherapy Laboratories and high class Audio/ Visual aids to impart training to its students according to International standards. The Institute has its own fully developed and well equipped OPD and hospital with all modern facilities required for training high class physiotherapy graduates.

Teaching System of BIPRS

Medium of Instruction

All text books, lectures, instructions will be in English medium only.

Teaching Systems

Integrated teaching Curriculum and semester teaching systems are followed by the college under the affiliation of Riphah International University. Uniqueness of system lies under the fact that students can learn.  Accordingly their performance is assessed by various tests and examinations which are conducted throughout their stay in Institute.

Academic Session

  • Consists of two semesters of 16 weeks per year.
  • Out of the 16weeks, 14weeks are allocated for studies while 2 weeks are allocated as preparation leave.
  • First semester teaching starts with day one of semester
  • One week`s leave is allocated as winter vacation.


75% attendance is compulsory for students appearing for semester exams.

Type of Examinations

On completion of all necessary syllabus there will be a semester examination at the end of semester. Semester examinations are divided into two sections.

Pattern of Examination

Pattern of examination is further divided into two sections.

A) Best Choice Questions (BCQ`S) 70%

B) Short Essay Questions (SEQ`S) 30%

C) Practical & viva vice

Organization of Semester Examinations

  • All students have to appear in two semester examinations each year.
  • If student passes 1st semester then he/she will be promoted to 2nd semester.
  • Student who fails in any or all subjects of 1st semester will be allowed to progress in 2nd semester.
  • Then students are allowed to sit in 2nd semester examination.
  • Up to the declaration of result of 2nd semester, student may attend classes of next semester.
  • On announcement of 2nd semester result students who pass in all subjects will move to next class.
  • Students who are declared fail in any Subject will reappear in examination called “re sit” examination while studying.
  • If the student passes the re sit examination he / she will move to next class.
  • If the students fail in re sit examination, he / she will be reverted back to previous semester with junior batches.
  • This formula will apply for all five years.