Faculty of Orthodontics

Dr. Umer Khayyam

Assistant Professor
Head of Department

Dr. Muzaffar Qayum Khan Ghauri

Assistant Professor

Dr. Fareeha


Dr. Asia



The Department of Orthodontics is highly specialized and equipped with the latest dental equipment in its various sections. Cephalometry and Panoramic radiography and Cephalometry labs are available where the clinical students are trained from basic orthodontic knowledge to applied clinical aspects of the subject. Orthodontics is a specialized field which corrects the malalignment of teeth thus making the smiles beautiful, teeth more functionally active and easier for cleaning. Orthodontic treatment is a long process in which teeth move with slow pace and are kept in the final alignment afterwards. The procedures we do in our OPD are:

  • Removable Appliance therapy
  • Fixed braces therapy
  • Clear path appliances

Brackets sometimes lower the confidence of the patients with the entire metallic smile. To overcome this potential issue, we also have range of ceramic brackets which are tooth like in colour giving a more confident smile to patients.


Dr. Wazir Kokab


Introduction of Orthodontics

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