Research and Skill Development


The office of Research and Skill development BDMC is the main pillar of the institution. It has taken many concrete steps to inculcate research culture at all levels of the college keeping the vision of transforming this Dental Institution into a Medical University in next ten years and carries the command of taking it forward to make the Institution at its best with regards to Research and Development. It has tried to provide enabling environment for top class research and innovation. The office has also worked towards institutionalization of research in the healthcare system of the province by capacity development, policy change and health system alignment to the community needs.With the establishment of Bhitai Dental & Medical College (BDMC), Department of Research was created with the aim of strengthening the efforts to produce high quality research and create a research culture at the College. The department has a significant role both in teaching as well as monitoring the processes related to research at BDMC. Founded in May 2015, the Bhitai Dental & Medical College (BDMC) has been developing tradition of excellence in education, research and community service. BDMC has educated and trained more than 200 students. The College has nearly 200 employees, including approximately 60 faculty members at present.

Strategic Objectives of R & D

  • To create an environment in which research thrives and become an integral part of all academic activities.
  • To facilitate high quality research in the constituent and affiliated institutions with focus on the health needs and problems of the country.
  • To establish linkages with the industry to facilitate coordinated research with a mutual commercial and academic gains.
  • To develop and patent software, hardware products, human capital to provide consultancy and marketing services to the pharmaceutical industry, public health and others including the needs of neighboring countries.
  • To increase the knowledge base by capacity development and continuous professional education through existing and new courses.

R & D Department Focus:

To achieve its mission and strategic objectives, the office of Research Innovation & Commercialization has not only focused on postgraduate and faculty, but also on undergraduate capacity building in research. The R & D office believes that if one has a stronger research knowledge base, the outcome later is more meaningful and rewarding. Some of the aspects of R & D focus on undergraduate are that R & D has done review of curriculum of medical institutions to involve research as an active component and subject. The office also applied the ranking of medical institutions based upon quality and quantity of research produced each year, a regular program of providing updates on clinical sciences for medical students and a one full day in the Annual Health Research Conference has been dedicated to undergraduate level to provide them maximum motivation and involvement.

At the postgraduate level, the R & D is highly motivated to improve the capacity of the researchers at both public and private levels. Major activities of R & D for postgraduate level are a series of Research Methodology & Proposal Development, Biostatistics and SPSS Workshops, Workshops on End Note, one dedicated day to Annual Health Research Conference, twice yearly workshop on Bioethics and twice yearly workshops on Emergency Medicine. In addition to above mentioned series of workshops, R & D  is also looking after a Master’s program in Health Research and a Certificate program in Health Research for those who are highly motivated and enthusiastic in building careers in Health Research and biostatistics.

At Faculty Level, R & D carries the objective of building their capacity through series of workshops on Medical Writing and Proposal Development, Certificate in Health Research Program, Certificate in Clinical Trials through CRCP program, Workshop on Clinical Ethics, Symposia on Nutritional Issues and a regular program of Competency Enhancement program for clinicians.



Dr. Atif Mahmood

Deputy Director and Vice Principal

We intend to construct conducive and enabling environment to develop and facilitate focused research, linkages and commercialization in the relevant market.

The R & D department through a series of ongoing activities and its future vision carries the mission of developing capacity in Research, Academics, Health care delivery systems and informed decision making with Institutionalization of research in the health system.

Current Activities of R & D

  1. Conducting -Annual Health Research Conference each year starting from this year.
  2. Offering a series of workshop for capacity building in research, statistics, proposal development, thesis writing, grant writing, medical writing, medical ethics, emergency medicine, clinical audit.
  3. Planning to offer a Certificate in Health Research course (10 days interactive course on proposal development and biostatistics) every month.

Future Plans of R & D:

Through it comprehensive five year plan (2015-2020), R & D office is intending to launch a series of programs which include:

  • Clinical Research Certificate Program (CRCP)
  • Pharmacy Management Courses with special emphasis on Research
  • Diploma in Health Economics and Management
  • Certificate course in Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Startup of Research Grants for students and Faculty
  • Setting up of Monitoring & Evaluation Cell in R & D office
  • Identification of Key Research Areas
  • Capacity Development Workshops (research) for Faculty and affiliated institutes
  • MoU between and Directorate of Science and Technology for mutual cooperation in research
  • Developing Linkages with Health Institutions of Afghanistan and other countries.
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