Introduction to Bhitai Dental & Medical College Hospital

The Bhitai Dental & Medical College Hospital, a not-for-profit entity is funded by the Islamic concept of WAQF, Bhitai Trust, Zakat, Kahirat, Sadqat , sharing of excess wealth with the Ummah and philanthropists all over the world. The Hospital will run under the supervision of Bhitai Trust and Bhitai Foundation.

Advisory of The Chairman Bhitai Dental & Medical College Hospital

With the blessing of The Almighty Allah we have been able to do something for the ailing humanity. The issues and problems which are faced by the humanity are graver than our thoughts, and we have to put in our concerted efforts to eradicate them. It is also true that they cannot be eradicated instantly and it will take time and even generations to provide solutions for all the problems. But we should not stop looking at it and should continue to put our efforts.

I am sure that with the guidance of our honorable Trustee Board, Chairman, we’ll be able to serve the ailing humanity in a better way and many thanks to our individual and corporate donors, who have been supporting us and to the management team and volunteers of Bhitai Dental & Medical College Hospital for their services.


To put patient first and foremost and be futuristic and innovative by creating the best infrastructure, technology and support services in delivery of healthcare and thus, to give patients and their families a clear advantage to win their war against disease.

Inauguration of Bhitai Medical Hospital

The Bhitai Dental & Medical College Hospital was a dream of Bhitai Trust. Bhitai Trust is already running a Dental OPD at very low cost in the region for poor patients who could not afford costly dental treatments. Despite this, there was still a great need of an attached Medical Hospital for poor patients. For this purpose Bhitai Trust has reserved 1.5 Acres of land for the Hospital. The construction of Bhitai Dental & Medical College Hospital will be in two phases. In Phase I, 150 bedded hospital will be constructed. All wards will be equipped with high tech machines. The expected time to complete the Phase-I will be December 2016. The Phase-II will be completed in December 2018. In this phase 350 more beds will be added. The total number of beds will be 500. The cutting edge technology based Laborites will also be constructed. The Bhitai Trust has started a free Medical OPDs from 22nd May 2015 at Bhitai Dental & Medical College. And at the same time the construction of Bhitai Dental & Medical College Hospital has also started at the site.





LRBT Free Eye Camp

A free eye camp organized at Bhitai Dental & Medical College Hospital with the collaboration of LRBT on Saturday 05th of August 2017. In the camp the senior doctors of LRBT Examine more than 300 patient and provide free medicines. More than 70 patients were selected and referred to the surgery / operation which shall be done on Monday & Tuesday on 7th and 8th of August 2017. With free transportation out and back facility.

The aim and mission of Bhitai Dental & Medical College Hospital is to serve the humanity and the poor community of the region of Mirpurkhas.

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