General Medicine

Faculty of General Medicine


Dr. Narindar Kumar

Assistant Professor
Head of Department


Dr. Raj Kumar Sufi

Assistant Professor


Dr. Sarwat Anjum

Assistant Professor


Dr. Saima Rafique

Senior Lecturer


The dental students have to undergo teaching and training in overall concepts of medicine and surgery. The curriculum covers in detail the domains having relevance to the practice of dentistry. BDMC gives great importance to this portion of the course which consumes the major portion of the 3rd year, as this is the only opportunity a dentist would have, throughout their career, to study general medicine and general surgery.

Bhitai Dental and Medical College Hospital, has settings for patients presenting with systemic diseases and medical / surgical problems. The primary objective of the faculty is to educate students about expert diagnosis and management of human illness based on the knowledge and preclinical experience. Students of third year are expected to study various health related diseases. They are taught patient management through lectures, history taking, physical examination, laboratory and radiology investigations. This exercise enables them to achieve differential diagnosis and treatment plan for continued evaluation and therapy. Special emphasis is given to endocrinology and blood diseases.

Dental students are made aware of the basic surgical skills and principles. Clinical teaching is provided to students in both general and special surgical areas such as infection, asepsis, tumors, hernia, etc. The students are exposed to a variety of surgical problems where they are expected to check for patient’s clinical signs and symptoms under supervision. Students are introduced to operation theater surroundings to observe sterilizing procedures and operations.


Dr. Humaiyoon


Introduction of General Medicine


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