General Surgery

Faculty of General, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

lekh raj

Dr. Lekh Raj

Assistant Professor
Head of Department


The surgical consultant works with a team of junior doctors and nurses to provide patient focused care. Other health personnel are involved as necessary. Anesthetists also worked closely with surgical teams. The department has developed various clinical path ways to facilitate efficient functioning in coordination between care stations. In addition consultation from various specialties in other clinical disciplines Radiology and Laboratory are often sought and readily available.

Within each section there is further sub-specialization like minimally invasive surgery for which sophisticated technological support is available. While managing complex surgical problems with the help of intensive care monitoring and organ support. The department at the same time has a major contribution towards developing day care surgery which is highly cost effective and convenient for the patient.

The department has 20 in-patient beds 5 ICU care beds and 2 fully equipped Theaters. Services includes state of the art equipment in the main operating theaters along with local general and epidural Anesthesia services

Introduction of General Surgery

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