Accommodation facilities for students are available. There is a Hostel for boys and a Hostel for girls each. Independent telephone lines are provided to every Hostel. Every student is allotted a study table, a bed and a cupboard. Each Hostel has a common room. It has a television and other required furniture. The dining room can seat approximately 20-30 students. The menu and quality of the food are regulated by the students mess committee.

Hostel Rules

For the purpose of admission to the hostel, allotment of accommodation, arranging and organizing messes, the following rules and regulations have been laid down herein after shall be followed.

  1. Allotment in the hostel shall not be claimed as matter of right even when a person is a bonafide student of the institution.
  2. Allotment of accommodation in the hostel will be made on availability.
  3. Allotment of accommodation in the hostel will be for first academic year and can be renewed on yearly basis. If student wants to leave the hostel, he/she shall inform hostel authorities one month before leaving the room by making his / her allotment cancel.
  4. Maximum period of stay in the hostel shall under no circumstances be more than 4 academic years of BDS, provided that the fresh allotment is made in each year by the competent authority in accordance with the allotment authority.
  5. Hostel accommodation shall not be provided with study table and chair.
  6. The above mentioned rules can be revised by the management any time.

The following shall be ineligible for allotment of accommodation in the hostel:

  1. A student rusticated, expelled, debarred from the college or any other educational institution inside or outside Pakistan.
  2. A student convicted by a court of law in the country on a moral, social or any other criminal offences.
  3. A student who has been found and held guilty of misconduct or indiscipline by the competent authority.
  4. A student whose presence in the hostel is deemed to be detrimental or prejudicial to the peace, tranquility and academic atmosphere of the hostel or institution and the interest of the residents of hostels in campus.
  5. Resident once expelled from the hostel.
  1. Application for allotment of accommodation in the hostel is made by the bonafide student of the institution only. An application accompanied by parent / guardian along with their national Identity Cards.
  2. The forms shall be placed before the hostel Allotment Committee, which will consider the application for allotment on the basis of criteria fixed by it. The allotment committee shall have the right to reject any application without assigning any reason.
  3. Residents will be renewed their allotment year by year after valid date of their first allotment. If any student failed in renewal of hostel fees, their results and certificates will not be issued till the renewal of the hostel fees.
  4. After the names of the successful candidates are announced, they shall comply with the allotment requirements to the hostels within the prescribed time limit or their names will be taken off the allotment list.
  5. Guests shall not be allowed to stay in the hostel.
  6. The allotment of the accommodation will be made after the candidate has produced payment receipt of the fees / dues against him.
  7. Residents shall sign receipt of hostel property / assets in their rooms and shall be responsible for any loss or damage thereto.
  8. Residents shall strictly abide by all the rules of discipline, conduct and regulations that may be enforced I the hostel from time to time.


Transport section of the institute has 4 vehicles, comprising, car, vans, buses, air-conditioned coaches. The institute provides pick and drop facilities to the students and the staff, for excursion tours and community visits. Day and night emergencies are attended by the ambulance service and duty vehicles.


The library housed within the main campus, has a good Interior design, book racks, cupboards and study carrels. It has textbooks, reference works, and medical journals, national as well as International, to meet the need of the students and faculty. The library also owns a large collection of medical movies on basics sciences as well as clinical sciences. Digital library with worldwide Web (www) access to internationally reputed Medical and Dental Journals.


Cafeteria is located in a separate block has a seating capacity of 40 to 60 students with separate rooms for female students. It offers meals and snacks at modest prices. It caters for both the faculty and the students.

Health Care

Bhitai Dental and Medical College has its own teaching hospital, which provides round the clock health care facilities to the students, employees and their dependent family members. The hospital is fully equipped with the latest electro-medical and diagnostic facilities.

Student Affairs Office

Department of Students Affairs has a pivotal role in any educational institution. The department ensures healthy student activities and facilitates and monitors students in their curricular and extra-curricular activities. This helps to rediscover the hidden talents of individual students and endorses creative skills of students. This office functions as a friend and guide of the students, catering to their needs from the time they make first inquiries regarding admission to the institute to the time they graduates from it. An important function of this office is to maintain computerized academic record of each student and keep the parents/guardians updated about the academic progress of the students. The Student Affairs Office has a student monitoring cell which maintains the academic progress and attendance record of the students, which is then presented to the academic council of the institute. The Student Affairs Office has on its staff, a full time Director and a Student Counselor who are readily available to the students for sorting out problems, whether personal, social or academic, which they encounter while being on the campus. We always take excellent care of our students and help them improve their curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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