Research and Skill Development


The office of Research and development (R&D) at Bhitai Dental & Medical Col is the main pillar of the institution. It has taken many concrete steps to inculcate a research culture at all levels of the college keeping the vision of transforming this Dental Institution into a Medical University in the next ten years and carries the command of taking it forward to make BDMC at its best with regards to Research and Development. It has tried to provide an enabling environment for top-class research. The office has also worked towards the institutionalization of research in the province’s healthcare system by capacity development, policy change, and health system alignment to the community needs.

With the establishment of Bhitai Dental & Medical College (BDMC), the Department of Research was created to strengthen the efforts to produce high-quality research and create a research culture at the College. The department has a significant role both in teaching as well as monitoring the processes related to research at BDMC.

Founded in 2010, the Bhitai Dental & Medical College (BDMC) has developed a tradition of excellence in education, research and community service. BDMC has educated and trained more than 400 students. The College has nearly 200 employees, including approximately 60 faculty members at present.

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